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Why You Need to Stop Looking for Bananas


Monkey eating bananaYou’ve all heard the line, “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.” Right?

Well I recently heard another version that says, “Stop looking for bananas from people who have no bananas.”

A little different, but you get the point…I hope. The point is simple. Some people just can’t give you what you need. Maybe they just don’t have it in them to give.

So, stop looking in that direction, go elsewhere. Ask for what you need from someone who is actually able and willing to offer it to you.

Know who to ask for what – Identify (at least in your mind) who will give you emotional support, who will be you an ear to vent in, who can give sound advice, who will offer wise insight, who’s the creative idea person, and who thinks about the details, who is willing to share their network, and who can offer tangible/hands-on assistance.

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