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What if the “Frog Thing” isn’t Working For You?

All due respect to Brian Tracy, sometimes “eating the frog” isn’t the wisest or most efficient course. I do think it’s important to focus on priorities and to “put first things first,” but sometimes that strategy doesn’t work as well as it ought to. Our lists tend to be so long, that it seems as though we’re getting further behind each day instead of making progress, and that can be intimidating to even the steadiest among us.

So, for the sake of experimenting, try tackling a mini school of “tadpoles” in your first hour or block of time in the day instead. Getting away from the frog analogy, choose several quick tasks and go for the some easy wins first. Quick tasks meaning anything that you can accomplish in a short amount of time (say less than 20 minutes) with minimal effort (no research, no input, no prep.)

The mental impact of crossing off several smaller items can be a huge boost in the motivation department. Being productive and moving forward is largely about momentum and nothing builds momentum like the feeling of checking off, crossing off, or marking something complete. You may find that once you’re rolling those more complex items, tasks, project don’t feel quite so…well…complex.

If the frog thing is working for you, great, keep doing it, but if it isn’t, then try something else.Taking action is largely a mental endeavor. It’s not so much about the actual activity; it’s more about the thoughts surrounding that activity that give us the most trouble. So, if we want to get more done in our days, accomplish more in our lives, we need to change the way we think about what we’re doing. (You can tweet that…I like to share)

I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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One Response to What if the “Frog Thing” isn’t Working For You?

  1. Oscar Gonzalez November 21, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Totally agree with you about the eating the frog approach vs low hanging fruit. I think both systems work when applied at the right time!

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