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Want to be More Productive? You Need a Work Routine

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Develop a work routine

In keeping with our simplifying theme this month, one great strategy to simplify your day and improve your productivity at the same time is to develop a work routine. Routines work well for all aspects of our lives. The most successful people I have coached use routines to help them achieve their goals, balance their lives, stay healthy and all around get things done.

It’s actually very simple. Once you cultivate a set of habitual actions that work best for you, you have a routine. No extra planning, decisions or thought process necessary. It’s far more productive than having to stop and decide what comes next.

An example routine might consist of:

Choose 3 top tasks for the day

Spend 20 minutes doing an email check and sort

Take 20 minutes to check and return voicemails

Spend 20 minutes on social media marketing

Use 60 minutes to work on top priority

Take 15 minute break

30 minutes to make phone calls

Spend 90 minutes with team or individually to work on project

Lunch break

And so on…

People tend to get more done both at work and at home when they have routines to support them. So, your challenge this week is to develop a work routine that will enable you to get more done with less stress.

*Bonus – Try using routines in the morning, evening and weekends too! It’ll be easier to fit in exercise and remember to take your vitamins and whatever else you have packed into your days.

Do you have a work routine?

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