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How Can Your Kids Help?

What can you leverage or outsource? Are there chores or tasks that you could get someone else to do that would free some of your time or alleviate a portion of your daily or weekly burden? “Wait,” I hear you say, “but I don’t have money for an assistant or a maid!” I get that, and coincidentally neither do I. Let’s think outside the box for a minute. What about your kids (or a neighbor’s,) your spouse or bartering with a friend. Have you stopped to calculate what you could earn by using the extra time saved to generate more income? Maybe it’s not such a frivolous expenditure after-all.

In a blinding, but unfortunately rare light bulb flash of insight, I had the idea to “hire” my 11 year old to do my shredding. For some reason I never get around to shredding documents, probably because the task annoys me, but he loves it. So I offered him a penny per page, with a 25 cent minimum to check my office and shred daily. He gets candy money and I get a clear office floor. What a bargain! This week he may learn to copy and file! I have started paying my teens to bathe and groom the dogs and asked my husband to take responsibility for our son’s soccer practice and games. Yes, I still have to do drum lessons, band, tennis and horseback, but at least this one activity is off my plate. I use the lesson time to tackle a nagging project each week and it is wonderful!

Do you have to do it all? Just think for one minute. Is there even one thing you could outsource? The caveat to that is that you must relinquish a little control…

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2 Responses to How Can Your Kids Help?

  1. Anonymous December 15, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Great tips Royale!  I often consult with clients about getting creative with delegation and especially not to think about delegating always in the “whole” sense.  We have to remember that even if a project is “our baby” that there is almost always a piece or pieces of it that we can delegate to someone else making our time used much more efficiently.  Thanks again for such great info!

    Holly Kile
    Virtual Partners in Success

    • Royale Scuderi December 16, 2011 at 6:16 am #

      I agree and I think it’s the toughest when it’s a project we are invested in, but maybe that’s when it’s the most valuable. Thanks for contributing!

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