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This Might Be My Best Advice Ever…


This might be my new, best advice… In fact, it’s definitely going near the top of my “Life Rules” list.

Maybe it should even be our new manifesto on what to do with our lives… (Love that word; it sounds so esoteric, so important)

What to do with my life:

Do what you’d like to see in the world

Write the book you’d want to read

Make the product you’d want to use

Do the work you’d want to see done

Make the art you’d want to look at

Start the business you’d want to work for

Make the change you’d like to see

Be the person you’d want to meet

Be the friend you’d like to have

Be the parent you wish you had

Be the child you’d hope to have

Confession…I’m great at developing and sharing advice…Not so great at following it…Working on it…

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