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Bigger is Not Better…The Best Holiday Treasures Come in Small Packages


Sometimes we need a reminder that life is about the little things, in fact in our experience, the little things in life, the everday occurences that comprise the vast majority of our days have a much greater impact on the quality of our lives than the “big ticket” items – homes, jobs, cars, vacations.

It’s not about gifts and grandiose. It’s about simple acts of kindness, small gestures, generosity of spirit, time, and tangible help that you give to others and receive in return.

  • Treat a co-worker to coffee
  • Shovel or snowblow a neighbor’s driveway
  • Offer to do shopping or take an elderly or sick person to the doctor
  • Invite someone to dinner whom you know is struggling or lonely
  • Offer a kind word to the cashier
  • Deliver a meal
  • Play a game with a child
  • Offer a sincere thank you
  • Give a heartfelt apology that’s long overdue
  • Include an outsider
  • Give a compliment
  • Share a meal with friends
  • Lend an ear where it’s needed
  • Forgive when given the opportunity

So, enjoy the gifts and the food and the joyous celebrations, but remember no matter which holiday we celebrate or which traditions we hold dear, what will matter most is the spirit, and the generosity with which we share ourselves with others.

My Christmas wish for you is that you may truly experience the fullness of life every day and that you fully appreciate the true gifts that you have been given.

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