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It’s Not Too Late to Choose


Think about the choices you make every day…the choices you’ve made in the past…and the choices you need to make now.

We have, especially in America, in the 21st century an almost unheard of wealth of choices ranging from the mundane, what I want to eat for dinner, and which cell phone provider to go with, to the potentially life altering, what work I want to do, where I want to live, and how I vote.

Some days it may not feel like we have choices; often it feels as though life chooses its own path and we are just being dragged along for the ride. But even on those days and in those situations where we feel we have no control over our circumstances, no options, we do.

We can always choose our attitude. We get to decide how to respond, and what action to take, or even to go with the flow and see what happens.

Today, give some thought to the choices you have made and continue to make each day.

Are you content with them all? What would like to change? Choose differently? Start today! It’s not too late.

Life’s too short…Use the blessing of choice wisely.

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What The Heck is Going On?



Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on? What’s happening in our world? One crisis after another – Just look at the morning paper, our country is in yet another financial crisis, one of the oldest religious institutions in the world has no leader, millions of people are unemployed, and our health as a nation is declining with stress becoming a national epidemic. The future we envision for our children is not so rosy…

And yet, despite all of the uncertainty and hardships and challenges we face, a feeling of hope, of expansion, of growth and resilience still survives. We can do better, we can find answers, we can move forward into the future with a sense of optimism and wonder. We haven’t lost that…at least I hope we haven’t. I certainly haven’t.

There’s always a sense of something more…the possibilities of what we can do with our lives, the desire to grow and strive, to be happier, to come alive, to accomplish something worthwhile, to be, do and have more than where we are today…

Wherever we are in our lives, whatever that “more” means to us personally…it’s what drives us more than anything else I think. It’s definitely what drives me.

So, your mission, maybe more than any other mission I’ve given you, is to ask yourself…

Mini-Mission: What is my more?

Who do I want to be that I’m not right now?

What do I want to do that I’m not doing right now?

What do I want to have or experience in my life that I don’t have right now?


Take some time to think about your anwers to those questions? What is you own personal “more?”

Your thoughts? I’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment or share on our Facebook page!

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A Better Life is Within Your Reach…The Mission Begins…

Let's Do This!What if someone told you that you could change the quality of your life just by making one small change each week. Would you do it? I mean who doesn’t want to have a better quality life – live better, work smarter, be happier and all that goes along with that.

Well, this year, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, along with hopefully many of my “reader friends,” (yes, that’s you.) We’re kicking off a yearlong series of weekly mini-missions, (we’re all busy after-all,) broken down into manageable chunks – smarter choices, actions, steps we can take improve the quality of our lives one week at a time. Practical. Do-able. (If you’re thinking you’re life is already pretty good, I challenge you to raise the bar!)

Here’s the thing: I bet quite a few of us know what we need/want to do to have the lives we envision. We’ve heard the experts, read the tips, seen the studies, bought the books even, but we already have so much going on…and there’s just so much information and advice out there. It’s just too much…too much to take on.

The more we learn about goal achievement and change, the more we discover that our greatest odds of success are achieved when we make small incremental changes in our lives and build, build, build.

The problem is that for many of us that path to growth, (personal or professional,) seems too slow. I don’t know about you, but I can be very impatient, I want change NOW. But, that said, I think you and I are both smart enough to recognize that it’s wiser to use the strategy that works…even if it takes longer, than to find ourselves in the same place week after week, year after year…because significant change takes too much time and energy.

Let’s bite the bullet and get it done…week by week, bit by bit, we can make those small changes that are standing in the path of a Better Life…a Better You…and a Better Me.

Over the course of this year we’ll tackle things like –  Health and Wellness( Fitness, Energy, Stress,) Money Management,( Earning, Saving, Financial Stewardship,) Developing the Potential of Your Mind,(Attitude, Shifting your Mindset, Expanding your Knowledge and Skills,) Cultivating more Positive and Meaningful Relationships, (Deeper Connections, Better Communication, Expanding your Social and Professional Networks,) Organization and Time Utilization (Focus, Organization, Action, Planning, Being Productive, Follow-thru,) Fulfilling Worklife, ( Success, Rewarding Career, Balance,) Responsible Living (Environment, Community, Contribution,) and Life Juice, (Joy, Happiness, Passion, Creativity, Fun, Gratitude, Meaning and Purpose.)

You don’t have to tackle them all of course. Pick and choose…take what you need…try what you like, but as with anything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. (I’ll be doing it right along with you and I can’t wait to compare notes…)

*Speaking of notes…Got ideas, problem areas or requests for what you’d like to see in upcoming weekly missions, feel free to drop me a line or post on our Facebook page. (Just joining us…Find all of the Better Life Mini-Missions here…)

Now, to borrow a phrase from one of my favorite authors, Danielle LaPorte…

Life’s Too Short, Let’s Do This

Mission #1:  Rest…Sleep…Zzzs… Let’s figure it out once and for all.

There’s a reason this appears on nearly every list of goals, resolutions, things to do, habits…because it’s the foundation of everything else we do in life…and most of us are still doing a terrible job of it.

It’s not just about getting more sleep (we’ve heard that before,) it’s about knowing the best sleep solution for us personally. The problem may very well be that we don’t really know how much sleep we need, or what sleep pattern works best for us, let alone how to get it.

This week take the time and effort to figure it out. Don’t make any other changes. Just experiment with how much sleep works best – make it a priority just for this week. The good news…not everyone needs the often-recommended 8 hours, many do just fine on less, and some actually need more. Moreover, it might not even be the amount of sleep; it might just be the pattern or timing.

Tactics to Try:

Go to bed 30 minutes early – you’d be surprised at what a difference it can make.

Squeeze in a 20-minute nap during lunch.

Shift your sleep pattern – For example, instead of going to bed at 11:30 and getting up at 6, try going to bed at 10:30 and getting up at 5:00. You might be able to get more done in the early AM anyway.

Trouble falling asleep? Try some wind down tactics – do some yoga, stretching, meditate, read a boring book, whatever calms your mind.

You know the drill…avoid caffeine, alcohol, news, electronics, and work close to bedtime…

There are many over the counter sleep aids that might help – natural and pharmaceutical. This may be a temporary solution, especially if you’re going thru a stressful time.

If you’re truly suffering from insomnia or chronic poor quality sleep, this is the time to make an appointment to see your doctor. Prescription sleep aids should be a last resort…but that said…you have to sleep. And a sleep study may uncover an underlying issue.

Sleep really does affect everything from attitude to weight to productivity to brain function.

We are just now discovering that sleep deprivation actually shortens our life span!

Just experiment. You may actually not need to change your sleep habits as much as you think.

This will not be easy for me…and it may not be so easy for you. My days are filled and I imagine yours are as well…and when I do get down time, I really want to decompress and read (my favored leisure activity,) but in all honesty, I need the sleep more.

So let’s give a try…you and me…

What are your sleep issues? Obstacles? Do you know how much sleep you need? Can you remember a time when you felt well rested?

Leave a comment or share on our Facebook page!

(Just joining us… Find all of the Mini-Missions here…)

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7 Lessons We Can “Borrow” From Successful People

We can often learn by observing those who have done or are doing what we would like to accomplish. There are some basic habits or traits that many successful people share.

Why re-invent the wheel? Why not simply borrow what others have already shown us works?

Success habits worth borrowing:

  1. Successful people have a daily plan, agenda or to-do-list.
  2. Successful people work on what they do best. Delegate the rest.
  3. Successful people are able to say no to people and demands that are not the best use of their time.
  4. Successful people are organized in both thought and deed (or hire someone to keep them that way.)
  5. Successful people stay focused on results, not busywork.
  6. Successful people schedule uninterrupted work time and guard it fiercely.
  7. Successful people allow time for learning and growth.

Sounds pretty straightforward…the hard part is putting them into action…

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What Gets You From Here to There?


The most important question to ask in any quest towards any type of goal is…

What will get me from where I am now to where I want to end up?

  1. What specific actions do I need to take?
  2. What decisions do I need to make?
  3. What resources can I enlist to make this happen?
To get me from here…

To here…

Often the fine line between failure and success in our quest to change, complete, achieve, accomplish, or triumph, hinges on our ability to answer those three basic questions.

Action is worthless without direction.

Think about something you’re working toward or want to accomplish and ask yourself if you know the answers to those questions? If your answer is no, then that’s where you need to start.

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