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A Simple Planning Process to Get the Results You Want

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When I made the decision recently to do a complete re-design of my own website, I quickly realized that I would get better results if I could throttle back on my impulse to dive right in and instead stop to make a plan first. I needed to be clear on exactly what I wanted to accomplish, why I wanted or needed to achieve this goal and how much time and energy I could or should expend. The results while always a work in progress were astonishingly close to the picture I held in my head and I finished within my self-imposed deadline.

As always, I am eager to share my methods (though they may sometimes resemble madness) in the hopes that it will help you be successful in making changes in your life or business, whatever they may be.

Total view – Take a step back (or twenty) and get the overview.

How does this project, goal or outcome fit in with the total picture of your business or your life?

What do you want the final project to look like? (Can you picture it in your head or put it on paper?)

How much time can you or are you willing to devote to achieving your outcome, goal or changes?

Now is the time to think about the project scope, design, impact and end result. It is also the time to question your available resources (usually time and money) and whether it is worth tackling at all.

Detail view – Now, we get down to the nuts and bolts.

What will it take to get this project or achieve this goal from start to finish?

List all of the steps, actions or decisions necessary to get your result.

Will you need help with any steps? Either through delegation, hiring outside help or simply asking others to assist you?

Do you need more information about any aspects of your project?

Do you have a deadline or timeline in place? If not, make one.

Determine the order if any of your steps.

Action Plan – Decide what action you will take first.

Then choose what either logically or logistically comes next. Repeat.

Revision – Once you start making progress, don’t be afraid to change direction or shift course. If something doesn’t look right, doesn’t feel right or simply doesn’t work, try something different.

Good luck with your creative endeavors and please let me know what you’re working on!

Question everything, move forward, enjoy the journey.

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