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Productivity Challenge: Streamline

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Though it may seem counter-intuitive, our biggest gains often do not come through expansion. Instead, we frequently find that when we pare down our schedules, streamline our activities and simplify our choices we can actually become more focused and more productive.

Bear with me, this is actually relevant to life and business at large…

Back-story – For the last couple of weeks I have been complaining to my husband about my need for an armoire (free-standing jewelry/accessory case for you guys out there.) I just haven’t been able to find what I want; right color, right size, right price so I have been dragging my feet.

New idea – This weekend out of nowhere (I have no idea where these flashes of insight come from,) it occurred to me that if I simply pare down my jewelry collection to those items that I really love and actually wear I probably wouldn’t need a bigger storage unit. Think of the money I could save! Plus I wouldn’t have to waste time each morning sorting through those unnecessary and unlikely options. (I usually wear the same few favorite items anyway.)

Why didn’t I think of that before?

Simple. We’re humans. We like to hold on to things.

My jewelry is just a small example. This applies not just to other spaces and aspects of our lives, but how we conduct our businesses and develop our careers as well.

Instead of thinking of new ways to expand your business or new products to develop, new hobbies or causes to join or new avenues to explore, try choosing one area, one space, one project, one interest and really focus on simplifying, organizing or honing that area to its most useful and productive state.

My challenge: To pay attention to what jewelry I actually wear this entire month and then give away the rest.

What will you be streamlining?

Question everything, move forward, enjoy the journey.

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