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Mini-Mission: 3 World Views – Which Is Yours?

Sun shower

Have you ever thought about how you see the world? I don’t mean visually…well, part of it may be visual, but what I’m really talking about is the perception you have of the world and how it operates. Your view of the reality of life.

You probably haven’t really considered it, because we tend to believe that the way we see the world is…the right way, maybe even the only way. But from what I’ve observed – I am as you can imagine a constant and curious observer of human behavior – there are three distinctly different ways people tend to view the world, and the people, situations and experiences in it.

3 Ways To See The world

Through yellow colored glasses (I like yellow better than the oft cited “rose”, because it sounds brighter,) which some would call a Pollyanna way of looking at life. I like to call this the sunshine perspective, because it can be a pleasant and sunny way to see the world. Life is good, things work out for the best, there’s always a silver lining…We either envy these people or want to strangle them…

Through gray colored glasses, which many would call a Negative Nancy view. I like to call this the rainy perspective…not necessarily cloudy, just rainy…a slight mist for some, downright stormy for others. Tend to look for pitfalls, notice imperfections, spot the bad apple, calling all worriers…It’s not necessarily a bad thing though…We may be quick to judge these people as bad, but truth is we need them for great planning, security, quality control, etc.

Through clear lenses, which I like to call a Balanced Betsy perspective. Some might call it pragmatic, or realistic, maybe even-handed, but it could also be non-reactive as well. I like to think of this as the equal opportunity, all season perspective…or maybe a “sun-shower” approach (yes it’s a real thing…go look it up.) There may be sun and rain and clouds and a rainbow, but these people probably notice them all, and perhaps more importantly give them all attention…

A very simple example is the sun shining in the window:

  • Sunnys will notice brightly shining sparkling sun.
  • Rainys will probably notice the streaks that are now visible on the window.
  • Sun-showers may revel in the warmth of the beautiful sun, but make a note to put clean the windows on this week’s chore list.

Another example is our tendency towards trust:

  • Sunnys believe people are basically trust worthy and are quicker to trust
  • Rainys tend to be more wary of trusting people, feeling they have to first prove their worthy of trust
  • Sun-showers believe many are people are worthy of trust, and many people aren’t. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but hold some things in reserve and watch for warning signs.

All are valid.

This week’s mission: Consider Your Word View

Answering honestly, which view most sounds like you?

*Hint: if you really want to be honest, you may have to ask a close friend or family member for their opinion – One who you trust to be completely truthful!

Then, the important question is: Are you content with that view of the world? Does it make you feel happy? Safe?

If you are okay with your worldview, fabulous, embrace it. There’s room for everybody.

But if you’re not, it’s time to think about making a shift in your thinking.

  1. Notice when you have a thought or judgment about a person or situation.
  2. Stop for just a second and question that immediate reactive thought. Where did it come from? Are you seeing things through a filter? Good or bad. Are you spending the situation to suit your view?
  3. Try on a different Thought. Maybe try making an argument for the opposite perspective. How does that feel? It may feel odd, a bit awkward, foreign even.

Try this process for a while, see if it becomes more comfortable. It may take a while to shift firmly ingrained patterns of thought, especially ones we’ve held since childhood.

But it is possible… With a little bit of determination, and practice!

Your thoughts? I’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment or share on our Facebook page! 

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