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Life Saving Tools My “Stay Organized” Toolbox


I get asked all of the time how I stay organized, so I decided to share some of my favorite tools…lifesavers really…

Outlook  – Yes, it has its quirks and flaws, but still Outlook is my command central. It has my calendars, my tasks, my emails, my reminders. Outlook helps me stay on track.

IPhone – I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone. I couldn’t run all of those nifty life-organizing apps without it.

Pocket Informant – PI lets me take my calendar, my family member’s calendars, my tasks, and notes with me on the go.

Shopper App – Drop “To-Buy” items in there, maintain ongoing lists for all our shopping needs – Master list, Grocery, Hardware store, etc.

LCD Writing tablet( Boogie Board)– This thing is so cool. Jot down chores I have to do, dinner menus, we use it to leave notes to each other and sometimes just goofy messages.

Fly Lady – I outgrew Fly Lady and her cleaning system years ago, but she deserves a strong mention, because when I was a young mother with three small children struggling to run a home, she was a lifesaver. After all of these years, though I no longer get reminders and have since developed my own system, it is still based in large part on her principles and routine.

Quicken and automated bill pay – I use Quicken 2012 (2013 is buggy) to balance my accounts, categorize my spending, automatically download transactions, for budgeting and planning and tracking investments. Moreover, since most of our bills are now paid automatically, I rarely need to dig out the checkbook.

Storage Bins – Please! What did we ever do without those colored plastic storage bins? My basement shelves are loaded with bins for Christmas decorations, coats and boots, Halloween and Easter supplies, Anthony’s military gear, seasonal clothes, even our Lionel train set. I know where things are and can put my hands on them quickly.

Good old fashioned filing cabinet – Despite being firmly in the digital age, I still use a simple filing cabinet to organize important documents, legal, medical, vehicle, school papers, pets, business, etc. Neatly labeled in files and colored hanging folders of course…

Some of my favorite supplies – drawer organizers, closet organizers, baskets, and my electronic labeler (works for files and Tupperware containers alike.)

Do you have any favorite organizing tools to share?

2 Responses to Life Saving Tools My “Stay Organized” Toolbox

  1. Oscar Gonzalez November 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    Very cool, I’ve not heard of a couple of these and I use a few different ones instead. For example, Outlook I no longer use, but I’ll check out some of the ones you’ve just introduced me to, like pocket informant.

    • Royale Scuderi November 10, 2012 at 5:40 am #

      I have tried to get away from Outlook, but my gmail doesn’t have the capabilities I need. What tools do you use? I’m always looking for more options:)

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