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Happiness is…Reconnecting With Childhood

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My personal ‘Joy Coach’

Funny how something simple and innocuous as a morning at the park can lead to a completely unexpected revelation. Probably should have been a Duh! But sometimes I can be slow to see and even slower to adopt…

Childhood – a good one anyway – can be full of tiny thrilling moments of uncomplicated spontaneous happiness.

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Children experience this with no thought, no coaching, no planning and usually no decision-making.

They just instinctively gravitate to those things and experiences that make them feel happy. And maybe even more importantly, they seem to throw themselves into the experience revelling in the delight and joy of  it with none of the accompanying guilt and analysis that we adults seem to be plagued with.

So, happiness may be closer than we think. Just a smidgen of childhood delight away.

Think back to those tiny delights, moments of pure unadulterated joy.

Sliding… or swinging in the park

A drippy ice cream cone…even better a red popsicle

Throwing a frisbee…dog optional

Dig out a hula hoop or pogo stick

Lying on a blanket to watch the stars…name the constellations if you can remember any

Play one of those favorite old lawn games…I always got out in kickball, was so loud everyone could hear me coming in Kick the Can, but had a mean badminton serve…

Blow bubbles…borrow a child companion if you must


If you can’t remember that far back just watch some children play for inspiration. Or get your own personal joy coach as I did above…

But… It seems too easy… It can’t really work…It’s just silly

Well, yeah. That’s the whole point. We’ve lost the ability to be silly, to relish the moment in an unscripted way with no agenda other than pure joy.

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