Change One Thing at a Time

Are you taking on too much, getting caught in the resolution frenzy?

Are your resolutions really more like wish lists?

This year why not try making one profound change. Make it important enough that you will reap rewards, see results or gain satisfaction as you progress and work towards this “goal.”  Change is a process that usually takes time, so don’t beat yourself up.

Do you want to start a business, get fit, stop smoking, write a book, start a blog, get out of a dead-end relationship or job, pay off your debt? Whatever it is . . . make this your top priority and put your focus on it until it’s done! You may need to let something else go or at least put it on the back burner to free up time and energy. But what’s the alternative? You will be back in the same place this time next year and nothing will have changed……

I am still making up my mind…write a book, build my business, get fit (exercise every morning, run long road race, build more muscle,) increase financial savings, meditate daily, have more fun……starting to sound like a wish list to me. We are in this together…….

Keep me posted on your progress and we can journey through 2011 together!

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  • Tanya

    I wish I could hit the pause button and stop the world so I can get caught up. So, this year my resolution is to get organized. I have so many other things I would like to do but this is the one on which I will focus. I have decided to set short term goals to acheive this, one little bit at a time. Hopefully this will help some of the other things fall into place. One resolution to avoid overload and make progess!

    • Royale

      I have decided my “one thing” is to focus on my health. Make time to exercise consistently, make better food choices (i.e.cut sugar) take my vitamins every day, get more sleep, get tested for deficiencies, imbalances, etc. It is affecting every other aspect of my life. 2010 is the year of health and well-being for me!

  • Get Shredded

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