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What if someone told you that you could change the quality of your life just by making one small change each week. Would you do it? I mean who doesn’t want to have a better quality life – live better, work smarter, be happier and all that goes along with that.

We’re kicking off a yearlong series of weekly mini-missions, (we’re all busy after-all,)broken down into manageable chunks – smarter choices, actions, steps we can take improve the quality of our lives one week at a time. Practical. Do-able. (If you’re thinking you’re life is already pretty good, I challenge you to raise the bar!)

Over the course of this year we’ll tackle things like – Health and Wellness (Fitness, Energy, Stress,) Money Management (Earning, Saving, Financial Stewardship,) Developing the Potential of Your Mind (Attitude, Shifting your Mindset, Expanding your Knowledge and Skills,) Cultivating more Positive and Meaningful Relationships  (Deeper Connections, Better Communication, Expanding your Social and Professional Networks,) Organization and Time Utilization (Focus, Organization, Action, Planning, Being Productive, Follow-thru,) Fulfilling Worklife (Success, Rewarding Career, Balance,) Responsible Living (Environment, Community, Contribution,) and Life Juice  (Joy, Happiness, Passion, Creativity, Fun, Gratitude, Meaning and Purpose.)

You don’t have to tackle them all of course. Pick and choose…take what you need…try what you like, but as with anything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. (I’ll be doing it right along with you and I can’t wait to compare notes…)

*Speaking of notes…Got ideas, problem areas or requests for what you’d like to see in upcoming weekly missions, feel free to drop me a line or post on our Facebook page. 

Weekly Mini-Missions:

Mini-Mission: Rest…Sleep…Zzzs… Let’s figure it out once and for all

Mini Mission: Take 10 Minutes to Refresh Your Mind

52 Things Challenge – Have Some Fun and Get Some Stuff Done!

Mini-Mission: Know What You’re Committed To

Mini-Mission: Take Up One Idea

Mini-Mission: 3 World Views – Which Is Yours?

Mini-Mission: Learn These Four Habits…to Form Better Habits

Mini-Mission: Learn the Language

Mini-Mission: What Are Your “Signs of Wear?”

Mini-Mission: Anatomy of Change

Mini-Mission: What is Your More?

Mini-Mission: Applying the 3E’s 

Mini-Mission: 4 Things You Need To Know About Your Core Values

Mini-Mission: Focus On Gratitude