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A 2 Step Process to Generate Ideas, Cultivate Creativity, and Achieve Your Goals

The key to a successful life is to keep moving forward. When you face a challenge, but are unsure what step to take next, or seem to be standing still, unable to achieve your goals, pause and give your mind the time and space to generate solutions.

The best way to accomplish this is to set aside structured “Idea Time.” The initial inspiration for this process came from Todd Henry’s book, “The Accidental Creative.” I adapted this concept into a process that works best for me. You may need to adapt it further to suit you as well.

How to Use Your Idea Time

Step 1

Choose a question or problem to ponder.

Brainstorm possible solutions.

Contemplate potential actions.

Choose one or a few to implement.

Add these action steps to your task or goal list.

Step 2

Let your mind wander. Allow any and all ideas to float in.

Ask what else. What else could I do? What ideas or inspirations would I like to explore?

Record those ideas in your idea book (this can be an actual notebook or journal, an electronic document or mobile app.)

Decide if any of these ideas are useful or relevant now.

Leave the rest to marinate for future consideration.

The mind is most effective when we allow it to slow down and contemplate solutions. The answers to how to achieve our goals, find happiness, attain life satisfaction, and realize career success lie within us. We have an inner wisdom that we can tap into, if only we give it the time and freedom to come alive.

Try to schedule “Idea Time,” on your calendar each week. If you can’t find an hour, try 30 minutes at least.

Do you think this might benefit you? Why or why not?

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