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Profile of a High paying, Low expectation, Dream job…”

Hurray we did it!

Position Profile: High pay, Only work part time, Results not required…


Ability to run the company into the ground

Freedom to lay off 800,000 workers at will

Capacity to balance a budget not required

Spend workday arguing with coworkers while accomplishing absolutely nothing productive

Act like a child posturing on the playground for “King of the hill status”

Job security based on popularity, not results

Get paid no matter how crappy job performance


Skills not required – Financial aptitude, ability to compromise, innovation, accountability, critical thinking…


Oh wait…all of these positions are filled…by Congress

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Rethinking the Bucket List

How would you live every day as if it were your last?  Go skydiving? Attempt to ride a bull for 2.7 seconds?

This TED talk is so good it begged to be shared!

Kathleen Taylor has spent over 20 years as a counselor and community engagement facilitator for the dying and has found that in the last chapter of their lives, most people become their authentic selves. They become courageous – they change their minds, apologize, forgive… they find joy in the smallest moments. In this TEDx talk, Taylor urges us not to wait until we are at the end of our lives to find our true selves.

Video from KarmaTube


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Don’t Fall Victim to Google Death: Time is Running Out to Save Your Feeds before it’s Too Late


Google holds all the cards… Or at least they like to think so. But in reality when they mess with their programs, we as users are greatly affected. When they announced a while back that they were eliminating Google Reader, I admit I whined and bitched a little. I like Google Reader, it’s always been solid and dependable…but alas as of July 1…it is no more.

If you don’t subscribe to any RSS feeds of your favorite blogs, news sites etc., then feel free to pass along to someone who does? (I really hope that you are alternatively subscribing via email…please don’t tell me you are checking the sites directly – who has the time.)

So, what are you going to do with all of your RSS feeds?

It’s actually really simple…takes just a few minutes…


Option 1 — Subscribe by email

RSS is a wonderful technology — but it isn’t for everyone. Many readers don’t want to check RSS feeds; they just want their favorite posts to appear in their email inbox so they don’t have to go looking for them.

That’s why — if you enjoy ProductiveLifeConcepts posts — you should subscribe via email.

Email is not going away. Neither are email subscriptions. Unless you want them to. Control is a wonderful thing.


Option 2 — Find an alternate RSS reader

There are many other RSS readers to choose from. Feedly is my favorite, and that’s what I have been using in anticipation of the shutdown. Luckily, Feedly has a handy one-click Google Reader import, so they make is very easy for you. They also have more detailed migration instructions here: Tips for Google reader users migrating to Feedly.

If for some reason Feedly doesn’t strike your fancy or suit your particular needs, Marketing Land has published a useful list of other options – 12 Google Reader Alternatives.

*If you do not migrate to another reader, all of your feeds will be lost!


How you choose to get your favorite information is up to you.

You have three choices…

Subscribe via email.

Choose a new RSS reader.

Or lose access to all of your feeds…

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Are You Waiting For a Sign?


If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get started…with whatever… Allow me to give it to you…

Whatever the decision…whatever the dilemma…now might be a good time.

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What Makes a Great Father?

father's Day


My definition of a great father:


He tells you to get up and get back on after you’ve fallen off your bicycle for the 27th time.

He uses the horribly mangled and misshapen ashtray you made him in ceramics class in second grade. (The ashtray in question still sits on my mom’s counter – though she doesn’t smoke…it reminds her of him.)

He wears the Bolero tie you gave him when you were 12…and he saves it to wear to your wedding many years later!

He eats all the burnt toast and the hard rice you didn’t boil long enough when you were learning how to cook…and he tells you it tastes good…

When you fake being sick in eighth grade, he writes an excuse that says, “She didn’t feel like going to school.” You laugh about it now, but you didn’t think it was funny at the time.

He tells you that if you ever do drugs, he’ll whoop your ass no matter how old you are.

When you’re going out with your friends, he slips you money, but doesn’t tell your mom.

And when you’re out with your friends, he waits up for you, worried until you come homebut he still grounds you because you were late for curfew.

He offers to shoot the first love who broke your heart, (I’m sure he didn’t mean it literally…at least I hope so, but you’d have to know my dad:)

He tells you when you’re a teenager that he hopes you have children “Just like you!” and you do.

He tells you always to speak your mind, and then later tells you he wishes he hadn’t said that, because you speak your mind to him…all the time.

He tells you to always keep your word, and he sets the example of how it’s done.

He tells you that you’re a pain in the ass, but when you give him grandchildren, all is forgiven.

When you are going through the most difficult time in your life, he tells you to pick yourself up and keep going.

He offers you help, but tells you that you don’t need it.

And when the end is near, he tells you that you are smart and strong, and that you will be fine without him… and he’s right, because that’s the gift he’s given you.


A great dad is one who is not without flaws, but who gives you a solid foundation, a sense of family, encouragement when needed, love always, and stern “Talking to” when necessary.


My dad has been gone for many years, but the lessons still hold, and the gratitude is ever-present.

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