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Planning VS Unfolding

I find of late that I am an ongoing conversation, debate if you will, about this concept of planning vs. unfolding. I have always labored under the belief that in order to get anything done, to accomplish anything of value, you must carefully plan and dutifully apply yourself to following that plan. But sometimes I […]

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A Simple Planning Process to Get the Results You Want

When I made the decision recently to do a complete re-design of my own website, I quickly realized that I would get better results if I could throttle back on my impulse to dive right in and instead stop to make a plan first. I needed to be clear on exactly what I wanted to […]

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Happiness is…Reconnecting With Childhood

Funny how something simple and innocuous as a morning at the park can lead to a completely unexpected revelation. Probably should have been a Duh! But sometimes I can be slow to see and even slower to adopt… Childhood – a good one anyway – can be full of tiny thrilling moments of uncomplicated spontaneous […]

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I’m So Sick of Rules: When It Might Be OK to Ignore Them

“To insure peace of mind ignore the rules and regulations.” – George Ade We live by so many rules. It can become stifling and in some circumstances prohibitive of action, progress and happiness. So, the next time you find yourself thinking… “I have to…because that just the way it’s done.” Think twice. Sometimes rules are […]

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Doing?

Even when we’re not supposed to be “Doing,”…we try to “Do” our way through “Not Doing.” Confusing, I know. We are strange and perplexing creatures, us humans. Trust me, the rest of the creatures in this world do not plan their rest or leisure time…No, this obsession with busy, doing mode is purely humanoid. I’m […]

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