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4 Steps to “Enoughness”

“Enoughness” is one of those concepts that’s so important to understand, yet so difficult to define, let alone incorporate into your days,

My greatly simplified definition of “enoughness” when it’s applied to “doing,” as in “I’m not doing enough,” is when you’ve acted with sufficient quality and quantity that a “reasonable person,” would be satisfied with your contribution. The keys here are “reasonable person” – not your perfectionist inner beast, and satisfied – not ideal, but OK.

We rarely feel satisfied because we have not set our own standard for what is enough!

I love the concept of COE’s (Conditions of Enoughness) first introduced by Jennifer Louden, best-selling author, coach, and personal growth pioneer.

It’s a very brief, very effective process for determining and acknowledging when you’ve done enough. There is something so powerful about feeling satisfied with our efforts on a regular basis.

According to Jen Loudon, we can set “Conditions of Enoughness.”

Name what is enough in simple facts. What you will actually do next. Measurable. Doable.

Include a time element. By when, for how long, whatever.

Ensure they’re dependent on ONLY YOU on an AVERAGE day. Not a superhuman day.

Declare you are satisfied when your conditions are met—even if you don’t feel satisfied.

As with anything, it might take some practice to get into this habit. But you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when you know that you’ve done enough toward whatever you’ve chosen to do that day. Some days you’re still not going to meet your “enough” mark, and that’s OK. Take those opportunities to examine whether or not you were setting unrealistic standards, or whether you allowed yourself to be distracted, or if you’re procrastinating. Acknowledge the truth of that and try it again the next day. Perfectionism is not allowed, reasonableness is.

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