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10 Things I Need to Do to Wrap Up My Week and Ease Into the Weekend

How do you close out your week and move into the weekend?

Jeff Goins (one of my favorite bloggers,) did a post on this, 10 Steps I Take to Begin Every Weekend, and it made me think about how I usually wind down my week.

I’d love to say that I do it well…and sometimes I do, but some weeks it’s more like…jump into task mode…rush to get everything done…stress about what how much I can’t get done… work through lunch… rush some more… remember that I forgot to plan dinner…then plan how much I have to catch up on over the weekend… Not a good plan to enjoy your weekend.

I though back to the weeks when I have been able to wrap up my week on a good note and really ease into the weekend and came up with my own version of my Friday wrap-up list.

10 things I need to do to wrap up my week and ease into the weekend

1. Task triage – Look over my task list (I use Pocket Informant.) What items are critical to complete this week? Defer the remainder to next week. (Get out the red pen – figuratively or literally.)

2. Hunker down – Yes, that’s my technical term for Focus, shut out the outside world (at least an hour, longer is better) and blast through as much as possible.

3. Inbox zero baby – It’s not a myth…it is possible. Process all my email, Do, Defer, Delete (I have no one to delegate to.)

4. Schedule weekend social media posts – Tweets, Facebook page posts, etc. (I use HootSuite.)

5. Prepare for next week – Look at next week’s calendar (home & work,) set tentative task/project goals & priorities (fluid – things will come up…life happens.)

6. Clean and back up my computer. (I use Glary Utilities for cleaning up digital files and an external hard drive for back-up.) If I do this every week, it doesn’t take too long.

7. Look over weekend schedule – Personal commitments, projects that need to be worked on, family activities, meals, etc. How do I want to spend my weekend?

8. Shut down the computer. (I am rarely able to completely disconnect, but if I can keep it to my iPad over the weekend, I’m doing well.)

9. Transition – Sometimes personal errands, sometimes hot cocoa with my youngest, sometimes just a cup of tea.

10. Move into family night – Pizza (non-dairy for me,) a glass of wine, and a movie with the family (Bonus points if I can stay up past 9 without falling asleep.)

How do you wrap-up and move into your weekend?

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